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Marie-Love is the owner and operator of Holistic Breakthrough. She is a dedicated holistic therapist who established her practice in holistic healing in 2013, although she has been involved in the beauty and wellness therapy as well as caregiving industry since 2010.

Her practice now focus on core trauma recovery, integration, and healing with a mind-body-soul synergy perspective. Her Practice Modalities include Psycho-emotional therapy, Multi-Generational Trauma Healing, Deprogramming / Decolonization,  Individualization Restoration, Self-worth and self-image building, Adoption Trauma & Abandonment Healing, Voice Dialogue / Parts Work, Cognitive Self-awareness, Energetic Hygiene & Protection and healing, Divinations, Body therapy, wellness  Autonomy/ coaching, and so much more. She also provides a lot of educational content, live training, and workshops.

Her mission in life is to raise the frequency by assisting to heal one soul at a time. She wants to educate and help society to be more trauma-informed and for everyone to find their autonomy and sovereignty so we can all co-create a beautiful new world together. Above all, she is showing up as her authentic self to contribute to this great awakening and expansion, as a fractal expression of source. 

I specialize in:

  • Integrative trauma recovery and healing

  • Embodiment & nervous system regulation

  • Bonding patterns

  • Re-parenting & inner child healing

  • Childhood trauma

  • Cognitive sovereign living

  • Quantum energy healing

  • Somatic therapy

  • Adoptees & primal wound recovery & healing

  • Multi-generational quantum healing

  • Multi-generational trauma

  • PTSS melanin quantum healing

  • Oracle/Astrology/ Energy reading 

  • Energetic spiritual healing


A special message from Marie-Love


"Very good massage, great experience with chakra and energy healing, thank you Marie-Love!"

- Andrée-Anne Ouellet

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