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Emotional Vipassana

Self-transforming through Self-observing

Emotional Vipassana helps to identify, recognize, and to practice holding unconditional presence with our feeling or emotions.


We practice Emotional Vipassana in order to explore our feelings or triggers when we are having a strong or uncomfortable emotion/feeling. We close our eyes and sink into the feeling.


We familiarize ourselves with the unique sensations or flavors of the feeling. We sit unconditionally with that feeling, experiencing and observing it without needing to change it.  After a time we see if we can name the feeling. We can do that on our own or with another person.  It is easier and more impactful when a strong emotion is present.


When practicing Vipassana, you will cultivate the skill of unconditional presence with yourself and your emotions. Furthermore, you will learn to support, guide, heal and build a trusting relationship with your inner children, fragmented selves, your vulnerabilities, body, emotions, spirit, and others.


This unconditional presence will allow you to uncover the deepest truths contained within all of your emotions, sensations, and perceptive capacities. Also, you can expand your level of perception and thus creative capacities as an infinite being. Unconditional Presence is a practice that leads to self-awareness and conscious creation. You can obtain the experience of someone truly seeing, hearing, and feeling your reality.

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