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Full Circle Holistic Healing

I am a clairsentient & clairvoyant Somatic therapist who uses a variety of holistic healing techniques that allow me to see and sense the energy trapped in the body, causing pain, discomfort & inhibiting balance within your ( physical, emotional, mental, energetic) bodies.


Using the synergy of quantum energy healing, cognitive self-awareness and subconscious, and integrative trauma healing, I guide you into a self-induced reparative well-being state and give you the tools needed to maintain it.

In this service, we will also work in your personal energetic fields, to do any removals of inorganic consciousness, templates, cords, hook attachments, timeline repairs and soul retrievals–whatever is needed & necessary for you at the time.

Full Circle Holistic Healing is a 360° view of your inner and outer worlds and how they interact from all timelines and dimensions. As humans are complex multi-dimensional beings, this healing encompasses a synergy of psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities of existence. 


This service is aimed towards bringing multi-dimensional awareness to your being and creating balance and harmony for your optimal health and greatest timeline trajectory.  All aspects of your life, like financial, mental, relational, psychic, emotional,  physical, and energetic, just to name a few  will be impacted when you bring a holistic awareness to yourself.  You will see that all aspects have one thing in common which is the core of our being.  Once the core is stabilized, other aspects will stabilize as well, and will bring a holistic homeostasis state to the entirety of your being. This is a great place to start if you have no idea where to begin.  Also, if you have already done a lot of inner work and want to progress to the next level, then it is an ideal place to begin further exploration. 


Full Circle Holistic Healing is specifically tailored to you and at your own pace. You will see fast results by working with the many techniques that I will show you. Each one is tailored to the level they are presently in, gradually moving towards your goals.  From my services found on this website, you can choose separate ideologies and services to experience them one at a time during a session or you can combine them in the Full Circle Holistic Healing service.  It is a "Carte Blanche" that gives you access to an array of tools.


Your first session will be 90 min in duration with a free consultation of 30minutes, for a total duration of 2 hrs.

Subsequent sessions will be 90 min long.

Get the most from your healing by booking multiple sessions

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1 Sessions


3 Sessions


6 Sessions

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12 Sessions

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