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The vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to over take the darkness and the North Pole begins to lean toward the sun again. This is the time of year when we begin to experience more life force creative energy within our minds and bodies.

The Spring Equinox is a joyful holiday centred around rebirth & growth. It is the arrival of spring! The Earth is coming alive again.

The inspiring Spring Equinox energy is encouraging you to be reborn.

Which seeds are you going to plant in the ground to tend & harvest?

Start preparing the soil which you will plant you seeds in. It is time to enrich it. It's is time to ask that your soil be fertile and rich so that your crops clean flourish. It is time to bless the land.

Here at the beginning of the season lots of new ideas are calling out to you. All these things are buzzing with new life around you. This month is about trying new things out: What excites you right now? What are you interested in? What are you drawn toward?

Because this is the season of illumination, Spring brings clarity. This is the time to get really clear on what you want to see grow in your life & what you want to harvest.

Spring & summer bring powerful growth energy. If you’re not clear on where to focus that energy, it can feel chaotic & overwhelming. That is why it is important and it is time to ask for focus, so that you don't waste your resources. Your energy gets pulled in many different directions & it may cause you to burn out.

Ask for guidance so that your energy goes exactly where it's meant to go.

If you’re really clear on where you want to see new growth,

you have the power to transform your life.

In order to gain that clarity this month, try out new ideas, connect with early spring’s playful and curious spirit! Look closely at what seeds you want to plant & decide what you want to harvest in the months ahead. By the power of visualization meditate on what result you want to experience as if it has already happened. Dwell in it by putting all your focus into that feeling and that satisfaction of already obtaining it.

You are divine. You are rich. You have good juju as you have inherited the greatest inheritance there is. You have the power to shift worlds and bend them to your will. Accept your ancestral inheritance now. You are heiress to a rich heritage of divine prosperity.

Today embrace your divinity.🙏🏾❤️

Affirmations for the Spring equinox

From the source of life, this devine life energy is expressed by ways of delegation via the incregory and servants of the supreme energy. They share and incorporate wisdom and intelligence from the divine source.

The Devine energy of spring

• I clame the power of Receiving

God Osiris (ancient Kemet)

Asar /Osiris

Osiris is the god of agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, life, and vegetation.

He was both a god of fertility and the embodiment of the dead and resurrected king. God of revitalization, seconde chances, renewal, rebirth, Appreciation for life and recovery. Represents the force of germination.

"Nothing ever truly dies as everything is infinite, nothing is permanent as everything is constant and in mouvement. "

Goddess Ast (Auset)/ Isis Original goddess of Resurrection who reassembled Assad and brought him back to life.

Life flows through me. I am a giver and receiver of life force energy.

"Where there is energy there is life"

Goddess of spring and resurrection Ostara ( Anglo-Saxon North atmosphere) derived from Auset.

Goddess Yemaya ( Yorubaland ) has a fierce, nurturing, gentle energy. As the "Mother of All," she is said to help in matters of self-love, fertility, emotional wounds, trauma, and healing work.

"Nurture, love and protect what you have birthed and it shall grow and prosper."

Goodess of Joy Asase Yaa ( Ghana )

"I feel like me when I'm happy"

Goddess of grief and release Àlà: Ala is a deity (known as Alusi) in Odinani, which is the religious practice of the Igbo people from southern Nigeria. Her name means “ground” in the Igbo language, and she's considered the highest deity in the Igbo pantheon. "I am supported by my loved ones those who are seen and unseen"

Goddess Mama Jombo (Guinea-bissau)

" I am ready to be seen and heard"

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