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Sexual Misery

Knowledge of the sacred nature of human sexual organs that are portals of consciousness into the Light body, along with the Archontic Deception Strategy of Sexual Misery

This is a collective human soul wound, as well as, has manifested from the many painful histories that we have endured on the earth plane through repeated reincarnation. It is important to understand that on the earth, in the current status of the world today, one of the most painful, traumatizing and isolating abuses that humanity has endured, is concerning all matters sexual.

When we become more conscious and self-aware, we start to recognize the absolute importance in creating energetic wholeness and loving kindness for our Light body, this is how we manifest unity, the ability to hold inner peace, it is the key to our self-mastery and happiness. This will require the complete resolution and harmony relating to all things sexual or gender related. What is of utmost importance, is to know that the Controller structures in society are purposely using humanities sexual energies and gender conflicts against them, in order to hold total dominance over human sexuality, and to control and manipulate people through their unresolved sexual pain. Taking steps to understand this will be a massive step forward in releasing the mental and emotional bondage of this mass manipulation to gain control over our sexual energies.

First, many people have been tortured in some form of sexual predator victimization, a painful situation that has abused power between people, and most commonly, has used intimidation, deception and abuse to take advantage of another person’s sexual organs.

As horrifying as it is, the statistics on sexual child abuse gives us a clue, that this mass indoctrination into sexual misery starts as early as possible. The Archontic Deception Strategy is directly to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible. This means the children of earth are targeted for inflicting Sexual Misery programming through a variety of hidden agendas, such as Genital Mutilation, Sexual Scams, and using forms of Emotional Manipulation to get them to submit to non-consensual sexual activity or Seducer Archetype behaviours. Children are not mentally nor emotionally equipped to discern what adults true motivations are, and grow up into adults that repeat the same abuse they suffered as children.

Under no circumstance, is this act considered your fault, when your human rights have been violated, and this is both an Universal Law and legal law in many developed countries. Finding unconditional forgiveness and developing self-love and self-acceptance, is important to heal the emotional pain of such traumatic encounters. Any result of a traumatic sexual encounter, is not to be confused as damaging to your ascension path or spiritual development, in any way. What will be required to move past any painful blockages is sincere and honest emotional healing, to purge the emotional pain of blockages, finding forgiveness as we must be willing to find cathartic release in order to fill this area of pain, with high frequency light.

The Imposter spirit plays upon the personal pain that we carry, and will trick our minds into believing that we were the cause of such painful circumstances or that we are unworthy. This is the victim-victimizer program, to make the victim believe it is his or her fault for being violated. Find your inner strength and listen to your heart, and know that no other person, no other thing, no other spirit, no public authority, has any ultimate power over your self-worth or accessing inner spiritual truth, unless you decide to give your spiritual power away to them.

No matter what has happened to you that has caused pain or inner conflict, nothing needs to be an obstacle to spiritual development, emotional growth and ultimately, our spiritual ascension. We all have the right to access our inner spirit and to draw upon that heart based spirit to purify our bodies through the loving kindness we can access and develop in our own heart. The pure and loving heart, is the pathway to emotional and spiritual healing, and ultimately is all that matters. The only caveat is that we must choose it and always choose love over fear.

Find gentleness with yourself, and learn to unconditionally love your body and all of its parts, including your sexual organs. There is nothing to be afraid of or to be ashamed of, our sexual organs are worthy of love, respect and care. Start to gently remember that our sexual organs in their highest purpose, are sacred objects that can conduct and transmit the highest force of Love, directed from our heart, and into the energetic channels of our sexual organs, between two people that are capable of this sacred union and circulating spiritual love between them. We are able to connect with the highest force of Love, or the lowest form of hatred through our sexual organs. Learn which force you are connecting to when you are intimate, and commit to serve the highest expression of Love through your sexual organs and entire body, to only be shared with an intimate partner who has the same capacity for loving, respecting and caring about your heart and body, as you do. It does not matter who you love, it is all about the intent, consent and the capacity to love and the kindness that you express to others, that matters. Be loving, be kind, be truthful, be compassionate to yourself and others. Accumulating acts of loving compassion over time, will begin to perform healing miracles in purifying your sexual organs and body. Focus today on loving and accepting your sexual organs, every day, no matter what has happened in the past. All that is needed is to just do your best with what you have to work with in this moment, stay present and do the best you can, moment to moment.

What is a sexual scam?

A dishonest, charismatic or predatorial approach to manipulate sexuality with the intentional use of false promises, ambiguous words, and body language that hide the truth of their deception from their target, the real motivation and intended actions remain hidden from the person they are seducing into some kind of sexual scam.

Beings with parasitic predator's and sexual misery programming are very good at exploiting people's weaknesses through methods of exerting power, control and corruption, thus, the first priority will be the set up of the predator to swindle people out of their sexual energies and personal power.

The sexual misery program is to intentionally distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies,

The Archontic Deception Strategy is directly to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible. This means the children of earth are targeted for inflicting Sexual Misery.

Programming through a variety of hidden agendas, such as Genital Mutilation, Sexual Scams, and using forms of Emotional Manipulation to get them to submit to non-consensual sexual activity or Seducer Archetype behaviours. Children are not mentally nor emotionally equipped to discern what adults true motivations are, and grow up into adults that repeat the same abuse they suffered as children.

Upon hijack of these 4D energy centres Astral Plane, False White Light, false Christ consciousness grids False Ascension were eventually used here to misguide human beings. The damage promoted in these centers also resulted in emotional distortions and aberrant accumulated energies in the lower bodily energy centers.

This was taken advantage of by the parasitic predator's to splinter the soul energies, rather than integrate and heal it, by controlling the sexual energies. By promoting distortions around the sexual act, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent.

Disconnection and mental fragmentation (Soul splits):

These actions wound the Soul Matrix body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, can fragment the soul into near destruction. When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies. If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids. The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body. (The soul is outside the physical self, may exist in millions of fragments, rather than integrated to be embodied.) Which causes disconnection and therefore mental fragmentation through severe trauma,

The dissatisfaction with sexuality and dysfunctional fears that are generated within sexual relations create misery, pain and torment for many humans on the earth. This misery if not healed erupts into deviations and lost of self. This disconnects the person from soul, and the great void of pain generates addiction, many times within the sexual energies of the person whom is desperate for relief from personal anxiety or pain. In many cases this pain creates a double life or duplicity, the person appears normal in their day job, and yet behind the scenes is in deep depression and pain or addicted to an outlet for anxiety.

Victim to victimizer:

In some cases, when people are continually subjected to forms of pain, trauma, grief and loss, when they feel that their only choices are to be the victim or become the victimizer, then people can be easily manipulated to commit and enforce any kind of heinous behaviour and depraved action. Through people's self-hatred, the dark spiritual forces of hatred are directed towards life and all things sacred to the nature of Soul. This is expressed through people's Lack of Empathy, to which they have no moral conscience to the pain, harm and suffering that they create. These destructive beliefs and actions deeply wound the mind, body and soul of that person, along with the people that have been subjugated to that dark influence or reign of terror. People (along with their inner child) may consciously or unconsciously be conditioned to believe that we are condemned to live in a hellish world designed by a hateful God that makes us suffer terribly, because we are bad and sinful creatures. This is what many religions have told the masses.

Sexual misery loop:

Painful spiritual fragmentation creates energetic splitting behaviours, which disconnects all components of the many layers that exist within the human being, separating aspects of their consciousness into different realms of time and space. An example is the agenda to split apart the inner female from the inner masculine consciousness to produce external Sexual Misery and Misogyny. This internal split and fracture of the Soul attracts negative spiritual entities that can form attachments. They take advantage of energetic weakness by manipulating that person’s pain, in order to gain further access, to control some layer of their mind, body or spirit. The negative entity feeds on the energy yielded from the source of pain that human being creates. This cycle of parasitism increases the spiritual wounding, which will produce sub personalities as a survival mechanism. creating the illusion of gaining the upper hand or protection but meanwhile not realizing that they are still in survival mode.

Operating in survival mode for a long period of time is very draining and damaging to all facets of the human body and psyche. It's a ban-aid solution, that does not deal with the core wounding to heal on a deeper level thus does not free themselves fully. The illusion creates a false sense of protection which can lead to farther abuse, that tis why abuse can reoccur multiple times in a person's life. This why soul retrievals; spiritual and energetic hygiene, protection and healing routines; cord-cutting and purification; timeline restoration & healing; removal of capping, contracts, bindings or hooks from the energy field of the body in all timelines and dimensions; sexual energy healing restoration and rehabilitation; inner-child work and shadow-work combine with cognitive awareness and mastery of self is very important.

Alternates and Sub Personalities:

In several cases of mental splitting when the extreme pain drives that person into disassociation, at the moment the person disassociates from their body, the soul-psyche manifest coping mechanisms to survive. To disassociate from the painful trauma felt in the body, the soul and mind will split into sub personalities, or create alternate identities where all the traumatic memories are stored. These are called alters. Disassociation and hidden alters with negative energy binding are especially common in rape cases and with extreme physical brutality. The alters are hidden in the unconscious mind by the fears of the inner child, which act to protect the conscious mind or the physical body from perceiving any more painful trauma. Many times people cannot remember exactly what has happened to them, until they have another major injury, or are hypnotically regressed, or brought into altered states of consciousness. It is common for the person to remember what happened to them many years later, because they have blacked out the time period where the extreme trauma abuse had occurred. Many people ignore past extreme trauma because it is just to painful and they may feel the pressures to survive in the world.

Alters can be unintentionally created from splitting during any kind of traumatic event, or specifically created and programmed as identity attachments that have certain belief systems. Alters that are programmed with specific belief systems can perform certain functions automatically and unconsciously, when they are triggered into that specific behaviour. Most people are not aware they have sub personalities, and yet this is extremely common on planet earth. The sub personalities are what are easily suggestible to forms of mind manipulation, and will act out these behaviours when they are triggered. When people go unconscious and lose control of their mind or body, such as flying into rages where they cannot remember what actually happened,

As a result, many victims have deep phobias and powerful fears that they will never be believed that these horrific abuses have been committed against them. Many therapists that are trained in mainstream medicine and Psychiatry severely traumatize victims further, by denying the authenticity of their experiences. Traditionally, psychiatrists have treated these victims as if their abuse is nothing more than psychological, instilling in them even more traumatic feelings. As a part of the spiritual community, we must become aware of the fact that rampant abuses are committed every day to the human race, through a variety of methods. The Psychology profession is not equipped to address any of the mental or spiritual dimensions of humanity, as multi-dimensional beings, with complex spiritual, energetic, physical and mental structured ecosystem. They compartmentalize and ignore the spiritual aspect of the human body instead of treating the body as a whole.

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