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How do you know if you are ready for a serious relationship? 


Often, we overcomplicate dating. Will you make it confusing? Have we healed from our trauma? It's easy to blame the dating market or it's easy to even blame someone else! On today's podcast, we are going to evaluate how you view yourself in relationships and figuring out if you're the problem. It's all about internal work.


Questions asked :

What put you on the path of self reflection and healing? And what were the outcomes from your self reflection? 


Does healing play a role in being in a healthy committed relationship?


There is a term going around about "doing the work". What does the work look like when it comes to being ready to be in a relationship?


Should you work on your trauma before you get into a relationship or can you be in a relationship whilst working on your trauma?


Is it the dating market that is bad or is it because people are not healing or self reflecting?


Why do people lie to themselves about being ready for a relationship when in reality they are not?


Name 5 key qualities that would make someone's relationship ready? What does being ready look like?


What are some tools that people can use to be ready for a serious relationship?

Podcast with Love & Relationships Conversations

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