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Quantum Healing

Quantum energy healing is a powerful healing modality for the body, mind, and soul by shifting energy at the quantum level.

Quantum healing is an advanced energy healing modality that works with the highest dimensional frequencies in order to restore & repair the light body. The light body is what holds all of our timelines, psychic abilities, soul blueprint coding & templates for our mission. In this service, we work in your personal energetic fields, to do any removals of inorganic consciousness, templates, cords, hook attachments, timeline repairs and soul retrievals–whatever is needed & necessary for you at the time.

This technique is used for clearing energetic timelines and blocked or stuck energy due to body trauma, illness, past life trauma, lower frequency thought forms, and more!
Quantum energy healing is a natural healing method that utilizes your body’s own life force energy to bring about optimal wellness. This energy that flows through your body is the same energy that sustains all living things, as explained by Quantum Physics. You might have heard it referred to by its Chinese name, chi, or even the Sanskrit
name, prana.

Topics of Healing

Womb Restoration Quantum Healing

Multidimensional sonic frequency technology & organic divine feminine code healing medicine.


* Sexual misery healing

* Sexual abuse or trauma healing

* Multi-Generational Womb healing

* Manstruel cycle healing

* Womb / pregnancy / childbirth trauma

* Devine feminine sexual energy and vitality boost healing

Quantum Healing has the ability to collapse out templates and timelines that are still running through the body on an energetic level. This is a cellular DNA clearing & activation, that will assist to clear dense energies stored in the womb, the heart & the throat, however, the entire energy body will benefit.


Please understand that this is very potent work, it is not to be taken lightly. It assessed and clears out a very deep cellular imprinting. It is very thorough and gets right into the core of the wounding. It addresses Sexual trauma, traumatic birthing experiences, entity/energy cord removals, past lifetimes ect. Clearing these energies can create a purging effect, usually, the days & weeks following. This will be different for everyone according to the way each individual processes their emotions & releases energy.

MORE INFO: Knowledge of the sacred nature of human sexual organs that are portals of consciousness into the Lightbody, along with the Archontic Deception Strategy of Sexual Misery: UPCOMING VIDEO & BLOG: - What is a sexual energy scam? - Disconnection and mental fragmentation (Soul splits): - Victim to victimizer - Sexual misery loop - Alternates and Sub Personalities - Control over the Body

Consciousness Timeline Repair

I will swift thoroughly through your timeline and remove any obstructions blockages that may arise, so that you may follow your Life Path without any inhibitions. Sometimes the road ahead is clear and we know exactly where we want to go but somehow we feel held back or blocked.

we will also remove any cappings from your crown chakra or veils from your third eyes chakra so you can receive and see clearly your path ahead.

Love & Heart Healing

This healing is focused around the heart to bring forth healing and cleansing so you may have healthy meaningful relationships.

PTSS Melanin Quantum Healing

This transmission clears the melanated DNA of historical multi-generational trauma, such as slavery, oppression, segregation, discrimination, abuse, betrayal, survival. It doesn't only clear you but your lineage as well, it also focuses on removing any colonization, lack or poverty programming. It restores the melanin DNA to its original blueprint and royal codes. It also removes any inorganic consciousness, templates, cords, hooks attachments, contracts and, hexes.


I use multidimensional quantum field work as well as channelled sonic frequencies to clear the light body to restore & repair the light body throughout all timelines and dimensions to restore it to its Divine sovereignty.

So you can live a bountiful unobstructed life and thrive.

Collective historical trauma

This service caters to healing you as a part of the whole collective consciousness. It also helps to differentiate between what belongs to you personally in this lifetime and what doesn't; what belongs to your generational collective consciousness and the earth's collective consciousness; and what consciousness belongs to the earth's consciousness and what doesn't. Furthermore, the knowledge gained with my guidance will facilitate a smooth transition in your awakening process. Humanity as a collective consciousness has a lot of historical and generational traumas and we need to first awaken and heal ourselves in order to be able to heal and awaken the collective. By doing so, we collectively choose a different timeline for Gaia and for humanity's consciousnesnd future generations.

Clearing from Other Timelines: As a natural part of spiritual Ascension, we will connect into other timelines where the true historical record was erased from our conscious mind memories, but our higher consciousness body brings light to those memories as they need to be witnessed. Cellular memories in our bodies are ignited from the changing magnetic fields and stellar activations and we have no context for biological-spiritual Ascension that shifts our consciousness into other timelines. This can be disorienting. When this occurs, many people feel deeply confused and isolated. This is why the hidden knowledge that is occurring on the planet is not given to people. It serves to invalidate and control us and then hijack the Awakening process of the collective. UPCOMING VIDEO AND BLOG: - To awaken to who we truly are - hidden Information, the thought about our history - Our native heart - Deja vu - Cycles & loops - The snooze button - Disclosure - The fear-based programming - Foreign parasite - Stockholm syndrome affect - Gaia's true history - Gaia's heart - Gaia'children's - The prophecy - Our allies

Emotion Clearing

This is an energetic emotional clearing of Pain, Fear, Shame and Guilt from your light body. It is a multi-dimensional clearing at a DNA cellular level.

Empowerment, courage, sovereignty is restored and back online.  Get clarity and unlearn programming that prevents you from stepping into your highest expression. The universe is waiting to receive your unique gifts and essence and wants to support you in embodying your authenticity.


At a DNA level, we have all been subconsciously and consciously programmed into certain ideologies and beliefs that hinder our ability to express our highest and truest form. We will work together to undo this programming and update your operating system with new codes. These new "codes" are your birthright, they are freed from poverty consciousness, human slavery (working to survive), and other limiting programs. These keep an individual trapped in the matrix, and disconnected from the truth of themselves. We undo these programs, to set you free.

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