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Somatic Experiencing

Feeling & locating our emotions in our bodies

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Emotional Vipassana helps us to identify, recognize, and to practice holding unconditional presence with our feelings or emotions.


While Voice Dialogue is focused on the mind's response and behavior to those emotions or feelings.


Somatic Experiencing focuses on observing and analyzing the physiological response of thoughts and emotions or feelings trapped in the physical body's consciousness.  This physiological response is linked to an emotional trigger/PTSD flashback or negative emotional signature feedback loop.


Negative feedback loops or triggers can be physical, emotional or mental. Physical feedback loops go beyond movements and physiological sensations. All five senses (and I would also go as far as to say six senses, as some of us are multi-clairsentient) can play a role.  These loops may include what you see and perceive with your eyes, touch, smell, taste, hear and sense.  


This is where Somatic Experiencing comes in, which analyzes the body's kinetics and senses while a person is in a physiological state. That is why weaving in Somatic Experience into my treatments by completing and resolving all physical, mental and emotional triggers simultaneously, promotes the effectiveness of the work we do together.


So much of what we experience either pulls us out of our body, or so deep within it that we are unable to engage with the world around us. When the world and the body feel unsafe, you are stuck in a perpetual survival mode. You did not come here on earth to merely survive, you came here to thrive and create! In order to open up your freedom timelines, the timelines with your highest and fullest expression, embodiment is key. We work with the body, to be here now, and to bring resiliency and safety back online.

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