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(CP) Completion Process

To first have a better understanding, I invite you to view the Emotional Vipassana page and Somatic Experiencing  page followed by the Voice Dialogue/Parts Work  page as they go hand in hand. It is essential to be able to bring self-awareness in order to complete this process.

Self Awareness

Ask yourself:


  • Do you truly know yourself?

  • Have you taken the time to listen and pay attention?

  • Are there parts of you that hurt?

  • Are there parts of you that are happy are there parts of you that are oblivious?

  • Are there parts of you that are angry?

  • Are there parts of you that are scared? And why?

  • Are there parts that are not allowing you to feel or express certain emotions? And why?

  • Are there parts of you that are still living in the past in a traumatic event and that are stuck there, reliving it over and over again?

  • Is there a part of you that needs rescuing?

  • Are there parts of you still living in a moment of shame, guilt or fear?



You might need to take some sessions in the two other modalities to deepen your emotional and physical understanding before doing some deeper completion work on yourself. Once you have a better understanding of yourself, this is when the rescuing part comes in.

What is the Completion Process?

It’s the process of going back in time through the subconscious to bring about resolution, integration and healing. CP aims at resolving emotional triggers that are linked to soul fragments which are still stuck in different timelines of one or multiple reoccurring traumatic event(s). It bridges the gap between conscious and subconscious mind bringing forth cognitive awareness, resolution and integration.


An emotional trigger is a PTSD response/flashback. A person may not have any context as to why they are having that trigger.

99.99% of the time, people are not responding to this now moment when experiencing an emotional trigger. They are responding to something that has happened in the past that built this pathway and connection within them. The emotional trigger is a match to the situation that is happening now. ( the " emotional signature" that is anchored in the past and linked to the present now response.)


It's a response that is appropriate to the past event, but without knowledge or awareness of the specifics or context of the past event. The response is seen as an inappropriate response to the current event, by observers or even by them themselves.


A person may feel a certain way because of the unresolved trigger that keeps cropping up throughout their lifetime, and not knowing where it comes from. Or sometimes knowing where it is coming from but not understanding why it's still affecting them to this day or how to make it stop. By experiencing the Completion Process and resolving the root cause, our reaction to those situations, in the future, changes.


Have you ever heard people say: "you are overreacting!" or "why are you so sensitive about this?” When the person‘s reaction is linked to a PTSD trigger, it may seem as though the emotional response being exhibited doesn't match the current situation. That is because the reaction is an emotional PTSD flashback. Whether the reaction is big or small, it is still one that is rooted in the past. Trauma is any event or circumstance which causes distress without resolve. 


By merging Emotional Vipassana, Somatic Experiencing and Voice Dialogue into the Completion Process, new neurological pathways are created that heal and replace the old negative feedback loop, thus bringing resolution, healing and completion to the original root. This gives you a more fulfilled life with greater access to free will and conscious choices. 

What is Voice Dialogue AKA Parts-Work?

Have you ever felt like a part of you wants to do one thing and then another part of you wants to do something else?  Well, those are literally different parts of you. They are the parts of our ego/ personality that we associate with and identify with and the parts that we decide not to associate or identify with.  We can map out those different parts with Voice Dialogue and have a better understanding and, in turn, bring awareness to the inner workings of your psyche through the Aware-Ego process.


The Wholeness-Process

In addition, I use a different technique that I've created called the Wholeness-process.  It serves to strengthen the positive feedback loop by retrieving and bringing awareness to the positive emotional signatures and help you create new ones in the future.  This whole process helps to structure a plan and to meet your needs within relationships outside and within yourself moving forward. Giving you full autonomy and sovereignty to live an empowered life.

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